Who we are     

CMW Power Transmission designs, engineers, produces, and distributes high-quality power transmission technologies and components for world-class industrial applications, with the goal of increasing the efficiency of its customers' machines and systems.

We represent a wide variety of clients and are continually providing innovative ideas to life. Our reputation is built on the undeniable quality of every product we make.

Reliable Alternative

What you expect is what you get: a CMW PT solution you can rely on as a formidable switch alternative that works thanks to rigorous design and development processes as well as regular quality control management.

Smart Products

To respond to a wide variety of industries or applications, we design and manufacture a large and feature-rich range of power transmission and conveying belt in class products that have been strongly engineered towards meeting the needed standards without unnecessary added costs

Trustable Experience

You can trust our decades of valuable experiences on a global scale to back up your decision. Already well represented in many key countries, we are one of the top global players.

     Our products     

CMW Power Transmission designes and produces high-quality drive belt in five below families.
From transmitting power, to synchronize movements and or to transport goods.
They are designed to upmost standards, meets REACH, ROHS and ISO standards.
Whatever the application is industrial or agricultural, from a replacement aftermarket or new OE machine drive.
Our CMW Power Transmission Belts range fits all application from standard to high performance using latest raw matetial and top in class production process.


We have designed our power transmission belts to match a wide variety of industrial and agricultural applications. Please find below our belting solutions for some top sectors such as agriculture, packaging, textile… and so many others. If you do not find down there below, please consult us.


 Belt that delivers high power ratings in all weathers conditions; extremely reliable for all applications.

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 Our low elongation, high strength power transmission belts for a wide variety of applications.

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 Cement industry requires High Power and Maitenance Free Belts Drive Solutions.

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 Whatever for sports professionals or amateurs, the leaisure and sport machines are using high resistance Belts with no vibration.

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 Gardeners are expecting drive belts durable high performance drive belta for all kind of weathers !

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 Delivering power and synchronisation drive belts while meeting or exceeding highest product safety standards.

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 Elevate your drive belts with our open eneded and open linear drive belt systems.

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 Optimised your distribution flow and logistic chain with our material handling belt solutions.

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 Build up for the most difficult conditions and environments, trust high quality belt drive components.

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 Packaging made of plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, glass or metal .. Our drive belt always pack perfectly !

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 Powerfull, fast and precision belt drives for Paper, Pulp and Printing industry.

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 Our power transmission belts for efficient - carbon emission cautious - low energy consumotion waste management unit.

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 When precision, consistency, no vibration and perfect positionning is required!

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 From yarns, to fabrics, then to pre-treated, dyed or printed, finished with a treatment, tailor made solution Textile & Non Woven Production !

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 In ceramic, stone, brick or even glass, an industry that works with fragile and abrasive material used in extreme temperature.

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 Leverage benefits from oldest raw materials in the world with high productivity, energy efficiency and cost effective drive solutions.

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Linear guiding



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